Every Roller Coaster at Cedar Point, Ranked

Every Roller Coaster at Cedar Point, Ranked

Nothing says “vacation” quite like a terror-inducing thrill ride, and that’s the specialty at Cedar Point, the self-proclaimed “Roller Coaster Capital of the World.” It’s kind of like The Hague, but with G-forces and lap bars instead of diplomacy and international affairs. Unless you’re planning on spending an entire weekend in Sandusky, Ohio, though, you’ll run into a snag: With an overwhelming collection of 17 coasters, and only so much time/intestinal fortitude to ride them, which ones should merit your attention?

To help guide you through the park, I’ve taken a hard look at each of Cedar Point’s roller coasters and ranked them from “you can probably skip it” all the way up to “YOU GOTTA FREAKIN’ RIDE IT.” As for the intestinal fortitude, well, you’re on your own.

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