Take a ride back in time at Kennywood

Take a ride back in time at Kennywood

Amusement parks have long been a curious blend of the latest, greatest, cutting-edge attractions and sepia-toned rides from a long time ago. We come for the new thrills, but we adore basking in the nostalgic haze of the parks we remember from our youth. Perhaps no other U.S. park honors and celebrates its long, proud tradition than Kennywood.

I finally got to cross the Pennsylvania institution off of my bucket list. While I thought the brand new Steel Curtain coaster was incredible, I really went bonkers over its considerable lineup of classic rides.

The National Historic Landmark has not one, not two, but three wooden roller coasters that date back to the 1920s. They are not museum pieces, but surprisingly vital, glorious rides that are still pulling in huge crowds. Ditto for its many other classic attractions, including Garfield’s Nightmare (née The Old Mill), which first cranked up its waterwheel in 1901.

Read about my Kennywood adventures, and learn how the park maintains its antique rides in my USA Today article.

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