Walt Disney World for wimps

Walt Disney World for wimps

There is no delicate way to put this. You are a wimp.

Not about everything. Among your redeeming qualities, you may be noble and brave about many things. But when it comes to roller coasters and other theme park thrills? Not so much. Like gazillions of other people, you will be visiting Disney World. Unlike many, however, you are worried about whether you will be able to have a good time. You know, because of your wimpy tendencies.

Relax. There are plenty of things you would be able to do without facing your fears (or succumbing to more unmentionable unpleasantries). If you are deathly afraid of coasters and other thrill rides, it might be hard to have much fun at a more traditional amusement park such as Six Flags. Disney World, however, is loaded with wonderful low-thrill, low-stress activities. But you will need some advice.

That’s where this article come in. You’ll learn how to avoid rides that you may find challenging, and we’ll steer you to rides, attractions, shows, and other things that you wouldn’t want to miss.

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